Review: Melvita Nectar Pur Range

I've written about organic French brand Melvita a few times before, it's one of my favourite skincare brands and works perfectly with my skin, which not many others do!

Their new range, Nectar Pur, is a light, refreshing, purifying and jam packed with essential oils to make your skin freshers and clearer with every use.  It's for combination and oily skin, so perfect for Summer!

Purifying Cleansing Gel for combination and oily skin

This is perfect for using after exfoliating, it's really refreshing and you can literally feel the grease and grime being lifted off your skin. Perfect for hot and sticky summer days or after a visit to the gym. I noticed a difference after only a few uses and it's great value for money as the 200ml bottles lasts for ages!

You just need a couple of pumps, it's foams up beautifully on wet skin. Ingredients range from peppermint hydrolat (not overly sure what that is tbh...) to zinc extract which regulates sebum production to keep your skin shine free, lovely!

Available in 200ml here for £16

Purifying Roll On SOS Blemish Care

This product has been an absolute dream this week, for some reason (think it's a mixture of diet and lots of sweating on the treadmill) I've had a bit of breakout which has only been controlled and almost successfully reduced with this wonder treatment.

It's a blend of countless essential oils which neutralise and dries out blemishes returning your skin to it's normal state. It's worth every penny and lasts for so long, it can sort out a lot of blemishes!

Available in 5ml here for £12

Mattifying Balancing Fluid for combination and oily skin

I'm not completely sold on this one, it's pretty expensive for what it is and it doesn't really fit into my skincare regime, I've tried it in between moisturiser and primer which left little bits all over my face, not a good look or a smooth base for foundation!

It's great to use on its own if you're planning on a make up free day as it freshens, mattifies skin and reduces shine.

Available in 40 ml here for £26

To see the full Nectar Pur range, visit the Melvita site here.


  1. I have heard a lot about the benefits of nectar, and I really want to try it xx

  2. I think I would really like the Purifying Cleansing Gel. It sounds great!

  3. Great review lovely. I just tried out the roll on and cleanser too and loved them! reviewed here if you fancy a nose :) -



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