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I’m sure you will have seen excited mentions of the new eBay Collections all over social media, the world of blogs and, of course, eBay. It seems like everyone has been using the new tool, from Susie Bubble to Alex James and who’s to blame them? I’ve become a little bit obsessed with it since it launched a few weeks ago!

eBay Collections is Pinterest like function that allows you to make your own collections of everything you love and share them! It’s also a great way to create wishlists, shopping lists or even just inspiration boards to help you keep track of trends.

It’s also a really great tool for giving more exposure to the products that you’re selling, especially if you build up a good following and join in with the community. So many bloggers have already started sharing and creating collections, you only have to go onto the homepage to see how bloggers are taking over!

I’ve been spending my evenings pottering around eBay, finding things I love and creating collections. My collections are mostly full of pieces that I’m lusting over, pieces I’d love to wear but probably wouldn’t ever and Spring perfect pieces.

From Nautical but Nice and Winter Pastels to Boyfriend Coats and Spring Breakers, my collections transition from Winter to Spring and across a range of different styles, I hope you like them!

Take a look at my eBay collections hereHave you started using eBay collections too? Share your links in the comments so I can have a gander!

This post was sponsored by eBay, but the obsession is all my own!


  1. Lovely blog, just looked at it for the first time and it won't be the last! xx

  2. I have not seen this on ebay! I need to check it out


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