Ten Things About Me...

 My first ever outfit post...

After a lovely twitter chat on Sunday, I realised I don't really talk about my personal life on my blog (apart from the odd mention of work or The Man...) so I thought I'd try and change that, starting with 10 facts about me...

1. I live in Manchester (well, technically Salford...) with my boyfriend Joe, who you will probably know as 'The Man'...

 Me and The Man

2. I work at The Hut Group where I specialise in affiliate and partnership marketing but also dabble in writing, PR, social, styling and whatever else they'll let me do! It takes over my life a little bit but I love it and have met some amazing people there, including The Man

3. I'm about to become an Auntie for the second time, my lovely sister Emily was due a couple of days ago but my little niece seems to be too comfy to come out just yet...

4. My name is Clare but no one ever calls me by my first name, ever. Nicknames include Potts, Pottsy, Miss Potts, Bean, Tweet, Monkey, Monster, Queen, Potto, Potter... You won't be surprised to hear my last name is Potts.

One of my many hairstyles from over the years...

5. My blog was called Tweet before twitter existed, it's only called Tweet because I initially set it up to showcase jewellery I made in Sixth Form back in 2007. I am old school.

6. I'm on Youtube in a video with Kelly Cutrone talking about jeggings shot by Diane Pernet at London Fashion Week, you can see it here. I look like I'm hanging on Kelly's word but I had no idea who she was, I was just in awe of Diane Pernet and trying to get my show reports written up...

7. I'm technically Welsh, I was born in Anglesey (same as Grace Coddington) and moved to Cheshire when I was 9. I miss the beach and my family, but I'm much more of a city girl!

8. I have a tattoo, it doesn't often make an appearance on my blog as it's on my back. You can see it here and it's based on a Sigur Rós album, my love of punctuation and seeing them live with my mum and sister at Latitude Festival.

9. We have a cat called Batman who lives with my Mum and plans for a sausage dog in the future who will be called Professor Cumberland.

10. I have terrible eyesight but I never wear my glasses, contact lenses are my saviour. 

That's a little bit more about me anyway...


  1. Your nicknames are too great! And I also really love that tattoo!

  2. Don't forget your other nickname, Tweet. though maybe that's just me.

    Mat @ Buckets & Spades

  3. Lovely idea for a post...I had to chuckle at the sausage dog name plan...so cute! Also love The Man label...I call my bf 'the boy' sometimes haha. Danielle x

    frontière girl

  4. Batman the cat, love it!
    Great blog :) xx

  5. That video is ace, although it's hard to concentrate on what she's saying because you're in it! Have you read her book? It's really good. Mrs D lent me it and made me want to be a bad ass.


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