Let's Get Physical

After a February, a March and a holiday full of over indulgence, fewer gym visits than I’d like and a whole lot of sitting around, I am rather more rotund than I would like to be. After losing weight and being pretty damn healthy in January, I can’t wait to get back to that!

The best way to get me motivated, as superficial as it may be, is shopping! I’m not sure what it is about it, but if I have a new pair of trainers, top or bottoms, I instantly want to spend every waking moment in the gym. If only this motivation lasted forever…

These are the next pieces on my shopping list, from yoga pants and Nike trainers to bargain swimsuits and bright water bottles. I love a bit of colour at the gym, it makes me more excited to get ready for the gym and keeps me motivated as I run.

To keep me motivated and give me some direction (as I’m rubbish without a goal!) here’s a few things I want to achieve:

  1. Lose weight and keep it off. I don’t really want to lose a huge amount of weight, I just want to feel happy with my body and healthy.
  2. Run 10k (in one go!) Because I’m not training, I’m just running to lose weight, I’m not really doing this one for the distance, more just to test myself and see if I can!
  3. Do more sports with other people! I tend to go to the gym, put my headphones in and ignore everyone else. I want to get more involved with team sports (I start netball this week!) and actually stick to them every week.
  4. Eat less nonsense. I want to eat more fruit and veg, cut down on potentially bad things like dairy and gluten as well as eating less in general. That means drinking less too!

Now I just need to add in some music and get on with it!


  1. I want to give indoor rock climbing a go! Let's do it. Trainers make me work harder.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Sounds like some good goals - I think I'm going to have a spring re-boot too in terms of health and fitness. I agree about the team sports thing, but I'm seriously lacking hand-to-eye co-ordination ha!

    Mojitos and Handbags


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