Review: Pond's Institute Contour Cream

My skincare routine has developed over the past year from a face wipe and a Neutrogena moisturiser to what it is today; exfoliator, cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream.

I've been trying to find an eye cream that suits me, I have sensitive skin and even more sensitive eyes caused mostly by contact lenses so it's not been the easiest. I started using a No.7 eye cream but even though it left my skin feeling great, it left my eyes feeling red and sore so that was a no no. I've now settled on Pond's Institute Eye Contour Cream, after falling in love with their super light Beauty Moisturiser, I thought it might be gentle enough for my eyes.

What is it?

A super light eye cream for every day use. Your eyes are so sensitive, they need extra special care to keep the skin around in the best condition. Use this cream morning and night after moisturising for best results.

What does it do?

It keeps your skin soft and in the best condition. It also helps to reduce puffiness so it's perfect for those early mornings.

What's in it? 

Vitamin E to help your skin, pro vitamin B5 to help restore and super moisturing ingredients like jojoba and shea butter.

How much is it?

£6.99 and it lasts for ages!

You can get your hands on some from Boots here, the packaging looks a little different but it's the same product.


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