Twenty Fourteen

So this is the new year, full of potential and excitement around the corner. Who knows what it will bring but I'm hoping to make it a good one.

Last year was pretty amazing when I think about it, it was off to a bad start with a break up but quickly picked up with visits to friends all over the country, starting seeing the tall man from work, seeing my friend Jana get married in Latvia, work going up and down, Latitude, The Isle of Wight, moving in with the tall man from work (he's now just called The Man), my ever changing hair, summer holiday, fireworks, Claire and Jon's wedding, nomination for employee of the year at work, Christmas at home and in London and New Year with The Man. Lovely.

I'm not usually one for strict new year's resolutions but it's time I got on board and set myself some challenges! One of the main ones is getting into shape and getting healthier, standard January thinking but 2013 saw me lose a stone and then put it back on again over the course of the year due to detoxing then indulging, so 2014 is the year of getting fit and healthy!

My new year's resolution last year was to blog more and to spend more time on my little blog in general which I think I kept to quite well, the past few weeks not included! I bought an DSLR so I can take better photos, I've worked with Vogue, been to visit brands and met some lovely bloggers along the way. So I'm keeping that one this year too, here is what I'm hoping to achieve in 2014:

- Get fit and healthy, but enjoy it!
- Spend more time on the blog and meet lots of new bloggers
- See more of my friends and family - I tend to let work take over so miss out on seeing my favourite people
- Sort out work and figure out what I want to do when I grow up
- Save money, I'm terrible for spending money on things I don't need so that's coming to an end! Any tips are very welcome...

So that's me, what are your new year's resolutions and hopes for 2014?


  1. Which DSLR did you get then? Same with the health thing, I'm pretty alright now but want to ramp it up a bit more, my weight went up quite a bit but it's decent weight (if you minus the belly a bit of course).

    I'm going to ramp the blog up and redesign I think.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Good luck, may you make many happy memories this year!

  3. Pass my driving test as I'm finding it hard going, join the gym and shake negativity as much as possible! :)

  4. great resolutions & achievements, I am the same with getting healthier. happy new year!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  5. Hope you fulfill your resolutions, have a splendid new year!


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