My Top 10 Workout Tracks #supporteverymove

I'm pretty new to this fitness malarkey but I've finally found something that suits me, it's taken a while and a lot of being bored/frustrated at the gym... The big change that made me decide to try something different (also known as running!) was having the right equipment, I always shied away from the treadmill because I thought I couldn't run and because it was uncomfortable to run due to my 'assets'. But I got a Panache sports bra and it changed everything! I now run about 2-3k when we go to the gym and have lost half a stone so far this month which the running has been a major factor in. Today I ran 7k and am very proud of myself!

I'm not being paid at all to write this post, I just wanted to share what made a difference to me and how just by changing something seemingly small, it could make a difference to you too! Starting with the right foundations is key to giving yourself the best chance of achieving your goal.

Anyway, enough of me, to help you get on your way Panache are running a campaign called #supporteverymove to build a community around everyone who is working on shaping up and losing weight this year plus they're giving you the chance to win a sports set worth £150 every day to literally support your every move!

Part of their campaign is to create the ultimate workout playlist on Spotify which I am in full support of! The way music can motivate you to keep running is pretty amazing, I'm pretty sure I'd get bored after 2 minutes without music...

You can add your own tracks to the playlist which then can be liked or binned by the Panache community, I'm pretty sure mine will all be rejected but these are the songs that I love to run to. Little bit different to the Glee and Katy Perry songs that are currently on the playlist but never mind...

1. The Wrestle by Frightened Rabbit (I always listen to Frightened Rabbit when I run, it suits me perfectly!)
2. Sweat Shop ft Yo Majesty by Neon Neon
3. Countdown by Beyonce
4. Divebomb by The Whip
5. Keep the car Running by Arcade Fire
6. You're so Gangsta by Chromeo
7. Swim Until you can't see Land by Frightened Rabbit
8. Mirando by Ratatat
9. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk (standard)
10. Do you wanna Know by Artic Monkeys

These songs make me desperately want to update my iTunes so any more inspiration is very welcome! What are your favourite songs to run to?

You can get involved with Panache's #supporteverymove campaign and see their Spotify playlist here.


  1. Love that you have Daft Punk in there - its my go to tune when on the treadmill! I just wish my gym had wifi so I could listen to my spotify playlists when there!


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