A Little Sparkle

Alter Ego True Navy diamond ring c/o DuePunti

One of my new year's resolutions is to wear more jewellery, I've always loved jewellery but never quite been able to work it into my everyday. I wear staple silver jewellery, one ring on my right hand and six studs dotted around my ears, but rarely ever add anything else.

I want to add a little more sparkle into my life with new jewellery and jewellery I already own but never wear, so I'll be trying to add a piece of jewellery to my outfit at least once a week. I'm sure that sounds like nothing to some of you, but to put it into context, I wore a necklace about four times last year...

I love simple jewellery; I'm never one for over the top costume jewellery but I do love something a little bit different. This ring from DuePunti is perfect for me; understated, simple, a little sparkle and really comfortable. This is how I added a little sparkle to my outfit today, and luckily it is the exact same colour as my nail polish, perfect match!

How are your new year's resolution's going? Any jewellery tips are really welcome too!


  1. That's a really nice looking thing, don't remember seeing anything like it before actually. I wear one silver ring and have done for about 8 years. My res is going ok, though not had much time to actually "keep it".

    Buckets & Spades


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