Heavy Metal

1. Lee Renee Pineapple Necklace in gold £89 from Hoochie Mama
2. Ace Necklace £130 from Moxham X Three Floor
3. Cinderela B Black and Gold Agate Pom Pom Necklace from Hoochie Mama
4. Maria Francesca Pepe Midi rings in rose gold £95 from Coggles
5. Chain Mail watch in Silver £215 from Larsson and Jennings
6. Megan Hand Chain from Monki £6 from Monki
7. Maria Francesca Pepe set of five hammered rings in rose gold £45 from Coggles
8. Cactus ring £5 from Monki

I'm getting more and more into jewellery at the moment, I love dressing sweatshirts up with big, gold jewellery and always wear a simple silver ring on my right hand. These are my favourite pieces that I'm lusting after at the moment.

I feel like it's the perfect time to experiment with statement jewellery, everything else about winter outfits needs to be practical but anything goes for jewellery, it's never too cold to wear a chunky necklace with a chunk knit after all!

You can get a cheeky 25% off the MFP items from Coggles with the code BLACKFRIDAY until midnight on the 2nd of December too!


  1. Pineapple one is awesome! Great selection you've got there

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. My favourite has to be the Pineapple necklace! x

    Abbie | Dainty Little Dreams

  3. oooh I like that watch, such a good idea to dress up boring winter clothes with heavy jewellery!


  4. I love wearing a big chunky knit and an equally chunky statement necklace. I'm loving the pieces you've picked in this post.



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