Your Invite to the Wildfox Pyjama Party

Don't tell anyone but secretly pyjamas are my favourite clothes in the entire world, they're so comfy and toasty. There's nothing better than getting home from a rubbish day at work, ripping your jeans off hulk style, climbing into some pyjamas and having a bit of a cuddle. It's amazing.

The only thing is, pyjamas aren't exactly the most flattering of attire, the majority of them are over sized, comfortable fabric and if you're lucky, have Moomins on them. So when I spotted the Wildfox Couture Pajama Party (US spelling, don't hate) collection, I fell head over heels in love.

The whole range is in a perfect pink or classic black colourway, they're simple, soft and actually look pretty hot. The collection was inspired by old Hollywood glamour mixed with a twist of slumber parties, there's everything in the range from camisoles and button downs to shorts and robes. All you need to add is the bed!

Fall in love with the collection here, I dare you! Who's up for a slumber party?


  1. It looks so nice! PJ's are totally my favourite attire and this is girly and comfort put in one - I love it!


  2. I feel the same way! Nothing like a cozy pair of pajamas

  3. These are super sweet. I want a pair!


  4. Super cute pijamas! I just feel like buying one... every girl needs a pink pijama :)

    X. from Switzerland zueri¦¦bliss


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