Vaska: Black and Nude

I have a slight obsession with bags, I don't own too many (probably more than a normal person but shh) but I always lust after perfect ones.

These Vaska handbags are almost perfect to me, beautifully made, amazing quality and the classic shades of nude and black.

The nude ones remind me of Virva Launo's collection I posted about way back in 2010 which I still think about on a regular basis. Structured yet utterly softended, these handbags are simple, classic yet completely modern.

The collection is also diverse, ranging from classic large handbags to clutches with finger holes shaped from raw leather. I am a little bit in love...

For more info and to see more of their collection, visit their site here.


  1. Those curly bits on the top are pretty funky. Oh gees, remember that teacher that kept calling everything "funky'? That was funky.

    Buckets & Spades

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  3. Lovely collection! Great blog.


    Maninder from


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