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There’s nothing that we love more than a fashion collaboration! Like black and white, Beyoncé and Jay Z and gin and tonic some things are pretty much a match made in heaven.

And when it comes to designer collaborations even the least interested follower of fashion gets a little excited. Similarly to my favourite drink (G&T) some pairings really are so great together you don’t know why you didn’t see it sooner (salted caramel) whereas some matches are so bad they should never have been allowed to see the light of day (chocolate and chorizo– just why!?)

This season has been rife with designer collaborations and it seems to be refusing to go out quietly, as we near the end of 2013 we’re seeing more and more pairings being rung out just in time to finish off the year with a veritable wealth of amazing fashion collaborations.

We’ve put together a little list of some of the most exciting pairings in fashion, so make sure you’ve got your diaries open so you don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on some seriously cool designer items!

Isabel Marant x H&M

Following in the accomplished footsteps of the likes of Maison Martin Margiela, Versace, Lanvin and Jimmy Choo (to name a few) Parisian designer Isabel Marant is the latest in a long line to align her name with that of the Swedish high street chain’s.

With some images leaked from the Look book the collection was quickly released in its entirety to an eagerly awaiting mass of fashion lovers. And the collection is exactly what you would expect from the celebrated designer whose name is synonymous with a boho and rock’n’roll aesthetic. Marant explained that the collection was targeted at the everyday woman; ‘I aim at creating something real, that women want to wear in their everyday lives, with a certain carelessness, which I think is very Parisian.’ The collection is made up of everything you would have come to expect from Marant including smart structured blazers, eye catching sequined trousers and monochrome looped jumpers that are perfect for layering.

M.I.A x Versus

This is one of those pairings we mentioned before, like chips and tomato ketchup, that goes together so perfectly it’s as if they were made for each other.

The controversial singer let slip at fashion week last year that a collaboration with Versace was in the works and we’ve been waiting to see the fruits of their labour ever since. The range, which includes 19 pieces, is inspired by Versace counterfeits, M.I.A explained; ‘counterfeits are something I’ve always had and collected, and I would also collect a lot of vintage Versace from the nineties, sometimes I like the copies better and sometimes I like the original.

I felt that there needed to be a bridge between both, or definitely a mix up, so really it’s collaboration between Versace and the bootlegs.’ Interestingly the outspoken artist is the first non-designer to work with the brand, who has previously worked with the likes of J. W Anderson and Christopher Kane. Donatella Versace, vice president of the label said that the collection is ‘fast, it’s noisy, it’s brazen and it blends the world of music with that of fashion.’ With some of Versace’s most iconic prints given a contemporary re-hashing we have to admit that this pairing is one of our favourites of the year!

Damien Hirst x Alexander McQueen

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the skull print scarf Alexander McQueen is teaming up with celebrated artist Damien Hirst to create a range of 30 one-off scarves. The iconic scarf was debuted by McQueen himself in 2003 and the design became even more popular after his unfortunate death three years ago. Similarly Hirst’s name is synonymous with skulls; his work ‘For the Love of God’ featured a human skull cast in platinum and encrusted in 8,601 flawless diamonds, it was reportedly sold for a whopping £50 million! The inspiration for the scarves comes from Hirst’s ‘Entomology’ series and will be available to buy on chiffon, silk, twill and cashmere from McQueen boutiques or their website. This isn’t the Hirst’s first foray into the world of fashion; last year he produced a line of impressive (although rather pricey) back-packs for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s label The Row.

Vivienne Westwood x The Cambridge Satchel Company

The Cambridge Satchel Company rose to popularity exponentially to the point that you could hardly pick up Grazia without being bombarded with street style snaps of waif like off-duty-
models with one slung nonchalantly over her shoulder.

So it brings us great excitement to see that the classic bag company is collaborating with one of our favourite British designers; Vivienne Westwood! Westwood’s team said of the collaboration; ‘we are very pleased to be working with the Cambridge Satchel Company for this collaboration. Their satchels are nostalgic and fun and make the perfect canvas for our squiggle print.’ If you want pick up a piece from the collection then prices start from a very reasonable £165 for the 11” style and the colours come in yellow and black, brown and black or white and red.

Junya Watanabe x Loewe

This designer collaboration of luxury Spanish leather brand Lowe and Japanese designer Watanabe is so much more than just fashion collaboration but actually celebrates 400 years of cultural exchange between Spain and Japan. Using Spanish leather and Japanese denim the collection is a fantastic fusion of classic style and punk attitude.

So there are our top five designer collaborations to enjoy before the year is up, but who would be your perfect designer collaborations, we want to know!

This blog post was written by Lucinda Bounsall who works at This feature will become a regular thing to get an insight into what fashion retailers are thinking as well as little old me, I hope you like it!


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