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Melvita is a relatively new discovery for me, I've been aware of it for a year or so as we stock it at work but I hadn't tried it myself until a couple of weeks ago. Now it's a staple part of my winter skincare routine!

I've been using these four products religiously over the past week or so and I've noticed a real difference in my skin, it's softer, smoother and a lot clearer. My skin is always really affected by the change in temperature when Winter hits, there's always about a week of me having horrendous skin until it realises what's going on and settles down.

This Winter I had Melvita to help me through and it's really helped to keep everything a bit calmer than usual and to help it recover much faster than usual, I'm nearly back to my usual, relatively clear skinned self!

Plus, all the products are organic and all natural making them even better for your skin!

These are my Winter skin essentials from Melvita...

Melvita Gentle Cleansing Jelly 200ml £16

I use this twice daily, once in the morning, once at night just to cleanse my face. It's a really gentle, cleanser that has a light foam, just add water and massage into your skin for best results.

It's a mixture of moisturising rose water, softening orange blossom water and narcissus extract to brighten and clean your skin. I use this before I put anything else on my skin.

Melvita Organic Eye Make-up Remover 100ml £14.50

I tend to wear a lot of eye make up and I wear contact lenses so my eyes are really sensitive, but I need to clean them properly to get all the eyeliner/mascara nonsense off them! I always struggle to find something effective yet gentle on my eyes and tend to go for cleansing wipes (lazy girl) which just don't cut it.

This product works wonders on my waterproof eyeliner and mascara without irritating my eyes at all, it still takes a few cotton wool pads to get everything off but it's a vast improvement from the face wipes I usually use.

The eye make up remover is made up from similar ingredients to the cleansing jelly but has added cornflower water to break down make up, castor oil to protect and it also strengthens eyelashes whilst protecting the skin around the eyes, what more could you want?

Melvita Narcissus Extraordinary Water 100ml  £17

When I was about to try out the extraordinary water, my expectations weren't that high, what was going to make this water so very extraordinary? I was wrong, it actually is pretty extraordinary!

It's a pre-moisturiser so you apply it like a toner, let it dry and then moisturise.

A mixture of lemon water and narcissus extract, it brightens the skin beautifully (my skin is looking a lot more radiant even if I do say so myself!) and prepares skin perfectly for moisturiser.

Melvita Calendula Oil 50ml £15

I was a little hesitant to use oil on my face as it has a tendency to be quite greasy in the cold weather when anything with moisturing properties touches it. I've just been using this at night instead of my usual moisturiser and it has made such a positive difference!

My skin is softer, more supple and because of the repairing properties of the calendula oil, has been helping to clear up my spots caused by the cold weather and is perfect for sensitive skin. It also contains anti-oxidants which help to protect the skin, perfect for winter and everything it has to throw at us!

This is my favourite product from the Melvita range but it seems to be out of stock everywhere now, you can sign up on their website to receive an alert when it's back in stock though, I'd really recommend it.

It's not just my face that suffers in winter with the cold weather, my body is also in desperate need of attention and moisture from September onwards! My elbows and legs are the places that need more love and care so when I introduced them to Melvita Ultra Nourishing Body Balm, they were very happy.

Melvita Ultra Nourishing Body Balm 150ml £23

This cream (though it is a bit pricey) is perfect for smothering all over your body, it is made up from 11% butters and oils as well as Melvita's patented three honey complex providing intensive nourishing care. This mixed up with regenerating royal jelly, cocoa butter and stevia leaf, it can fix the driest of skin.

I suffer from eczema on my arms so this was a little bit too floral for them, but it works a treat on the rest of me, especially on my legs, ankles and knees. This is my winter saviour when it comes to dry skin!

Have you ever tried Melvita before? I'd love to know what you thought!


  1. This all sounds amazing, especially the oil! Definitely need to try some of it out.

    Becca || Becca Said x


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