The Ultimate Sports Bra: Review

Fitness is a pretty new thing to me, last year my version of exercise was walking to Topshop, but these days I go to the gym, keep an eye on what I'm eating and, wait for it, I even own a pair of trainers...

I would never say I was fit but I am considerably lighter and slightly less squishy than I was last year, I'm still not confident enough to get changed in front of people at the gym and general things like that but posting the photos above is a step in the right direction, despite my feelings about them.

But you can't really post a review about something without showing what it looks like on now can you?

This is the Ultimate Sports Bra by Panache and it's exactly that, it's easily the best sports bra I've ever worn and is probably the most supportive bra I've ever worn full stop.

The bra is super structured, it has a very firm but comfortable underband that makes sure everything stays where it needs to. It is underwired to make sure you keep your shape but they're wrapped in silicone and sewn between the layers of fabric so you'd barely even notice.

I'm not sure if I've been able to run up and down stairs without worrying about having someone's eye out since I was about 11, so it was an amazing thing to try it with this bra on, nothing moved! I think The Man is now completely bored of me telling him how good it is every time I wear it...

It's revolutionised my gym routine too, I used to shy away from the treadmill (I run for no man) but now with the added support, I can actually have a bit of a run! It also boosts my confidence at the gym as it makes me feel so secure. 

I'm sure this bra is not for everyone but judging by my reaction and the rave reviews on pretty much every site that sells it can't be wrong.

Find out more about the bra on the Panache website and you can buy your own at Figleaves or there are a couple of styles on sale on Bravissimo at the moment too!

What better post to announce the winner of my competition to win one of these bad boys? The lucky winner is Helen from Mummy to the Max, I hope you enjoy the prize Helen!


  1. I must say that's very gutsy for you to post these, I won't say anything else as I might come off pervy.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Best comment I've seen of yours! I agree very gutsy and you look great!

  2. Great post! Definitely brave posting a sports bra review. I'm not very good at exercise and count my daily 25 minute walk to the train station, but I think I will need to start going to the gym at some point. You look awesome Clare! x

  3. You little stunner! Without sounding pervy...super jealous of your bosom! Mine disappeared once I started exercising more haha. Xx

  4. You look stunning! This sport bra sounds like a great piece for running - I started going out for an occasional run beginning of the year and it would be wise buying a good bra very soon! That one, no doubt.

    The Young Bridget Jones

  5. You're so brave for posting these pictures, but you look amazing - look how toned those arms are! x

  6. Brave post and lookin' good! It's not a pretty bra, but the ladies need proper support! I'd try it!


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