Running 101

Before this year I had literally never ran further than a kilometre, not even at school, it's just never been something I've enjoyed or was even the slightest bit good at.

This year I've been working on getting fitter and exercise has actually been a part of my life for once! In the past couple of weeks I've started running (yep, actually running, with my legs and everything) and have worked up from 0k to 3.5km this week which I'm a little bit proud of, next stop is 5k!

I'm pretty sure that my new found ability to run is down to having the proper tools, having a proper pair of trainers and an amazing sports bra make it so much easier and make me feel so much more confident on the treadmill.

These are my new bad boy trainers which have revolutionised my gym routine, the lovely people over at JD Sports sent them over to me to try out as they thought it would help my fitness plight. These ones are Nike Free Run+ 5.0 and they are so comfy, supportive and they have a cheeky glimpse of leopard print peeping through at the toe. Even next door's cat loves them!

What are your gym top tips?


  1. well done for getting into running, I've been trying this year and it is proven difficult, im a girl with an awful stamina! nice trainers, like the leopard print showing through.

    cute nextdoor cat!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  2. Strong choice my friend, I have these in black and grey. They're my no.1 choice for running, and I have tons of trainers. Proper gliders. Running is hard isn't it, I just can't keep it up for much longer than 10 mins.

    Buckets & Spades


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