Bravissimo Swimwear to brighten up your day

Swimming is one of my favourite ways to exercise, it barely even feels like working out because it's fun and you get to go in the steam room afterwards!

My usual swimming attire is a classic black Speedo swimsuit but now it seems to be dark all the live long day, it's time to brighten up my exercise regime! Do you ever get to that point in Winter where exercise is the last thing you want to do? That's where I am at the moment, I need colour and new things to make me want to go to the gym, pathetic I know but at least it works!

My newest additions are these bright and colourful swimsuits from Bravissimo, they're coming with me to the gym now which is brightening up my day!

The colour of this tankini is great for highlighting the last of my summer tan, the turquoise is perfect for it. This is great for when you're feeling not so confident (which is most of the time for me...) because it covers up all the questionable bits but with the feel of a bikini, it's the compromise of swimwear!

This is the Marbella halterneck tankini, take a look at it here!

I love this bikini, like actually love it. I'm not usually a bikini kind of girl due to my squishy centre but when I put this on, it made me feel sexy (maybe a little too much for the gym actually...) because it perfectly complimented my curves and the shape of my body.

This is the Iona bikini from Bravissimo, take a look at it here.

This is easily my favourite, you can't go wrong with polka dots! It somehow makes me look not as chubby which is always positive. The support is great too, it's like having the support of a Bravissimo bra but in a swimsuit so it's great for a long swim.

This is the San Marino Swimsuit, you can have a look at it here.

Thanks to Bravissimo for letting me review them!


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