My Perfect Trench

I first spotted it in Palma airport on our return from holiday last month (I can't believe it was only a month ago, it feels like a lifetime ago!) calling my name from Mango, it stayed in my mind for the next few weeks until I made it my own on Vogue's Fashion's Night Out in Manchester, plus it was on sale, the stars had aligned!

I'm talking about my new trench coat from Mango, a little step away from my standard leather jacket that I've been living in for the past few years and a little step towards being a bit more grown up. But it still has a leather collar to help with my transition!

I love my trench and I've had so many compliments (I think people are just surprised to see me not in a leather jacket to be honest...) about it. I'm not sure about Mango's sizing, I seem to be a completely different size every time I go in, but I opted for a small over a medium even though I am generally a medium everywhere else, this fitted perfectly.

In other news, my health kick is back on! After our holiday, The Man's birthday, my birthday and general other badness, my body has definitely taken a beating via naughty food. The detox has begun and it's time to get fit before the nonsense of Christmas begins. Any ideas and support is welcome, and there will be a treat in the way of a competition coming tomorrow so keep an eye out!


  1. This is true Clare, I do associate a leather biker jacket with you. Takes me back to uni/mfn days, feels like yonks ago now so this means we need to have a proper catch up soon please.

    Like the grown up looking trend dude. Hmm have you tried light yoga to get your limbs a moving?

    Buckets & Spades

  2. You look great in it )))
    I love "Mango" too ))) I've bought a nice leather jacked there ;) héhé)))

    Yeah, Christmas it's almost here ))) and I need to fit in my dress ;)


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