Little Red World

Manchester is finally starting to become a destination, not only for fashion and beauty events but now that Virgin Atlantic's little sister Little Red have started offering domestic flights from Manchester. Which means Manchester is now connected to the rest of the World!

They celebrated the launch by opening up their Money Lounge on King Street to offer CND manicures and Bumble and Bumble blow dries, heaven! They invited me along to try the lounge out and to learn a little bit more about Virgin. I've never had my nails done properly (blame years of nail biting and never having good enough nails to paint!) and they were in desperate need of some TLC so it was such a treat, especially with a cheeky glass of prosecco!

I then got treated to a Bumble and Bumble blow dry, considering I have really short hair, I wasn't overly sure what they were going to do with me... The lovely Hannah from Bumble and Bumble opted for a retro beehive/quiff with a curl which I love! I felt like a mixture of Jimmy Neutron and Elvis, which is a pretty awesome feeling. I am now a total Bumble and Bumble convert too, I've used their thickening hairspray for a while now but I am completely sold on their products now, the goodie bag included a sample of their thickening shampoo which I tried out this morning and bought online as soon as I'd blow dried my hair, absolutely amazing!

I felt so treated and the Virgin Money Lounge is a bit bloody lovely, anyone who has a Virgin credit card, mortgage etc can use it for free. I'm definitely using Virgin the next time I fly, no more Ryanair nightmares for me!

You can find out more about Little Red here.


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