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Tweet Loves: Tarte Cosmetics

Because of my job I’m surrounded by beauty products all the live long day so am constantly looking to try out new products and find out more about new brands, I decided it’s high time for me to start sharing these brands with you more, not only because it’s great to share my favourite things with you it will also encourage me to stop being such a rubbish blogger and get posting way more often!

I’m starting with a US based cosmetics and skincare brand called Tarte Cosmetics (not entirely sure that it’s the best name for the UK audience but the products should hopefully distract from that! I first heard about it via my Spanish beauty blogger friend who is a little bit obsessed with eco-friendly and organic products so thought I’d try it out myself being the human swatch that I am. They’re also tricky to get over here (damn US shipping only) so they’re a bit of a cult brand that you might not have heard of but the US love it, all the more reason to show it off to you guys.

All the ingredients are completely natural and some of the more exotic ingredients (like Amazonian clay and maracuja) have special ‘skinvigorating’ (not overly sure if that’s a word but let’s go with it) qualities, I’m yet to try the skincare but will report back on the ‘skinvigorating’-ness of them when I do.

Currently, my very favourite product is the Glamazon 12 hour lipstick in Dusty Rose, it’s creamy, goes on amazingly and stays put for ages, maybe not the full 12 hours but I’m one of those people who has commitment issues when it comes to lipstick for a full day so it’s perfect. I also hear that the Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush is amazing, it’s one of their cult products that seems to be the most sought after, that’s definitely next on my list to try!

Plus you get to cheese a cheeky free sample with every purchase! Only problem is, they currently only ship to the US so you have to make friends with some Americans or sit tight until they launch international shipping which should be soon.

Check out the range on their site and see their Facebook page for extra videos and exciting things.

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