Project Bikini Wishlist

It's so nearly time for me and the Man to head off on holiday (can't wait!) which means it's time for manic packing and sorting out what on earth I'm going to take...

The bikini is a relatively new item of clothing for me, I've always been way too self conscious to bare my middle, squishy bits but I've got to the point where I'm happy enough with my body, wanting to embrace my curves and I'm with someone who makes me feel beautiful whatever I'm wearing. So, a bikini is the way forward! I've chosen my favourite high street and designer bikinis that I'm currently lusting after...

1. Monsoon Clarissa Bikini
I love this bikini, it's super simple and classic with just the right amount of embellishment, not quite the supportive swimwear I usually opt for but I wanted style over substance for once! (I've actually bought this since writing this post, tee hee!)

2. Lisa Marie Fernandez High Waisted Bikini
Totally a wishlist one as there's no way I cold justify spending that much on a bikini but it's SO cute, I want!

3. Topshop Stripe Plunge Bikini
Probably best accessorised with a tan, I love this plunge bikini with a nautical 50's feel

4. Vix St Barth's Floral Bikini
I love this colourful, floral bikini, it transports me straight to St Barth's!

5. Heidi Klein Twist Bandeau Bikini
Orange is one of my go to colours when I'm feeling in the mood for brights, this orange bandeau bikini is just a little bit perfect

6. We Are Handsome The Spirit Swimsuit
Sometimes practical is needed (think playing games in the sea without flashing everyone on the beach...) and I love this We Are Handsome one piece

Right, time to get packing!


  1. Love your picks! Especially love that floral number, why can't it just stay summer forever?!

    Eve xxx

  2. I love the orange one, bright colours are definitely my go to this year!

    I've written my own bikini wishlist if you want to give it a read :)


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