Life's A Beach

I'm wearing cut off denim shorts vintage from Gap, tote bag from South Beach and mine and the man's Supergas c/o Bank.

After eight lovely days in the sun in Mallorca with The Man, we're now safe and sound back in surprisingly sunny Manchester with the standard post holiday cold and sore throat, looking over holiday photos and wishing the sea was still a stones throw away.

Me and The Man sported matching white Supergas for the majority of the holiday, judging by his initial reaction , I'm pretty sure The Man isn't going to suggest we start wearing matching outfits more often, but you can't go wrong with a bit of his and hers footwear really. They were super comfy and were perfect for wearing to the airport as well as rambling about on the beach. Plus, the clean, white Supergas meant it made our legs look even more tanned, hoorah! By the end of the holiday, they had started to resemble 50 Shades of Grey but that's nothing we can't sort out...

I decided before I went away that I'm going to be better at everything now I'm home, better at blogging, better at work, eating healthier, working out more, seeing friends and family more and saving money properly! So expect to hear a little bit more from me in the coming weeks and hopefully months if I manage to keep it up...


  1. aw matching shoes! love that shoes anyway, so comfy. i got red one recently and would love to get white and black ones.

    good for you that you wanna improve on everything in your life. whatever makes your life better is the way to go

  2. his and her, ha you guys. I don't think me and Hollie have any matching things but we do turn up in similar patterns and colours sometimes. I like Superga, though they need a bit of wearing in I find.

  3. I am OK thanks, full of cold and already immersed in third year.. but OK! These pictures are lovely, too. I hope some of your "being better" rubs off on me, I am just sat around eating chocolate reading corporate strategy books. At least the last bit's saintly!


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