The Evolution of Festival Fashion

Festival Fashion Timeline by New Look

Finally it's nearly time for me and my Mum to make our annual pilgrimage to Latitude Festival, this is our fifth year and we're even more excited than usual if that's physically possible!

But before the festival begins, has to the come the crazy last minute packing... Seeing as I was off gallivanting in the Isle of Wight I've left it late (as usual) to sort my packing out, so now I only have a few hours to sort everything out (minus a couple of hours of The Apprentice, obv) and have NO idea what to wear.

Thankfully today I across New Look's Evolution of Festival Fashion Timeline, absolute life saver! It has festival looks from 1969 all the way up to 2013, I think I might have to take tips from each one while I pack! They also have Get The Look features on New Look Daily which I'm definitely going to poach.

Right, wish me luck and any festival packing tips would be greatly appreciated! Hayley from Frock Me I'm Famous has already helped me out loads on twitter, thanks Hayley!


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