Project Bikini Update

Although I've been quite quiet on the Project Bikini front, I'm still going! I've officially lost over a stone and half this year and I'm now down to a size 10 which I'm pretty happy with.

I haven't done anything silly or any fad diets, it's more of a lifestyle change than anything, the first few months of this year were a bit mental with a break up and the start of a new relationship a couple of months later, meaning my weight went up due to comfort eating, first dates, wine, pork pies and an offensive amount of cheese.

Three months into Project Bikini and I've lost half a stone, regularly go to the gym, eat much healthier than I ever have done and actually like soup! I've always hated soup, not entirely sure why, I just always have until I tried a Glorious one that the man encouraged (forced) me to try. Now I am the Queen of soup. That's just a title I've given myself and sadly it doesn't come with a crown... I've made my own soup (pictured above) from this recipe by Smitten Kitchen and have done a whole week of just eating soup for dinner, I lost about 5 lb this week so it's working pretty well!

I've also been working out in Proskins which if you haven't heard of, you need to! Mine are from Surfdome and you can find out more info on there too. Some people wear them for 8 hours a day to get the full benefit of the caffeine and compression technology (read about the sciencey bits, they're no ordinary leggings!) but I just wear them in the gym. They keep me so cool and the vitamin E in them keeps my skin moisturised.

Is anyone else on a health kick or trying to lose weight? Let me know how you're getting on!


  1. flip it's going well, my stomach is ever expanding

  2. Those Proskins look interesting! What's the material like? I bought a pair of zagora hotpants and they make the most awful noise when the material rubs together, making it too embarrassing to wear them to the gym!

    I'm on week 2 of my new healthy lifestyle (refuse to call it a diet!) and I've lost 4lbs so far :)


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