Sunday, 28 July 2013


What I'm wearing: Floral Pinafore dress from New Look and a white shirt from French Connection, both on sale, win!

My last post was about my style developing and becoming a little bit more mature, but I seem to have instantly regressed as soon as this super cute New Look pinafore dress arrived after a cheeky little sale purchase!

I've paired it with a little French Connection shirt buttoned up to the top to tone down the cuteness and matched my lipstick to the brightly coloured floral pattern, it would be rude not to after all.

I'm off to Latvia next weekend for my friend's wedding so this is perfect for lightweight packing! I really need to make a start on packing, hand luggage only is really not my friend... Time to head into town now for a bit of a potter about (aka. leave The Man in Carharrt and go to Magma...) before finally getting myself back into the gym (Project Bikini is back on until Latvia!) and then Monster's University later on, probably a little too excited for that!

Thanks to the Man for taking the photos, I still find it a bit odd to ask people to take photos of me to show people on the internet...


  1. The pinafore is so cute! Love the little shirt you've paired it with too. xo

  2. That's a nice look on you Tweet, I think it's pretty grown up. You're ready for work but also at the Swedish bakery. "Sick" are the chaps are saying down the back allies


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