Isle of Wight

I've just got back from a lovely long weekend away in the Isle of Wight and it was such a beautiful place, I thought I'd share a few photos!

We stayed in a very cute (albeit full of yacht-y men wearing matching orange trousers...) town called East Cowes (which is just near where the ferry arrives so it was really easy to get there!) to celebrate The Man's Mum's 60th birthday in the most beautiful house. Luckily it was one of the sunniest weeks of the year! We spent a lot of the time lounging around, drinking wine and eating lovely seafood but we also went on a couple of adventures to other parts of the Island. The Man and I ventured over to Shanklin which is supposed to be one of the best beaches on the Island, we ambled right to the end so basically had our own private beach, check out the third photo, it was bliss! We all went on an adventure to The Needles too, which is amazing jaggedy bits of rock at the end of a cliff with a very odd little amusement park at the top and a scary chair lift that takes you down to the beach. We also went to so many lovely pubs and restaurants, we stopped in Godshill which is possibly the most picturesque/mental place I've ever been, I'd definitely recommend a trip if you're in the Isle of Wight!

I had to leave a few days early as I'm off to Latitude Festival (can't wait!) but I definitely want to go back in the Isle of Wight in the future, I had such an amazing time and wish I was still there! But, now it's time to prepare for Latitude!


  1. love seeing posts from isle of wight :) my partners grandad lived there so we go down to see his family as often as we can :) cant wait to get back there in september! they live in shanklin so we always stay in the lower hyde site as its 2 minute walk from their house :) xxx

  2. what's this Godshill then? Google looks like a village town, what am I missing?


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