Golden Glow

The sun always makes me want to wear less and dress up more, not entirely sure why but it always seem like a good idea to wear lipstick and a necklace when it's baking hot outside. I think the sun brings out a more glamorous side to people (apart from the plethora of topless men in Salford, they have no glamour) everyone is suddenly colourful, glowing and baring a little more skin.

Today is a lazy day in the sun with the man, but I still felt the need to don a necklace from Chicnova and lipstick (Kate Moss Rimmel in 101 if you're wondering!) this morning, just because. They've now both been removed and the sun has taken over! I'm hiding in the shade to write this and cool down, but it's only a matter of time before I'm sun creamed up and back in the garden!

This is what the rest of my Sunday consists of, bliss...
Hope you're enjoying the sun!


  1. I know exactly what you mean by wearing less and dressing up more, it's how I feel when it's sunny too :) Love those sunglasses!

    Carmen Ri.


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