I've noticed more and more that I'm spending a lot less time (and money...) in Topshop, H&M and the likes, instead opting for French Connection, Gap and most recently Monsoon. I'm not sure whether my taste is changing or whether I'm just venturing into places I never though were quite 'me' but actually discovering that they are more 'me' than my usual high street haunts.

Another thing I've noticed, which almost definitely attributed to my weight loss, is that I'm wearing jeans a lot more often. If you know me in real life you'll know that I never wore jeans, like never! But nowadays I'm wearing jeans a lot more, my favourite pair are the ones I'm wearing above which are from Gap and fit like a dream! The top I'm wearing is from French Connection and I fell in love with a pair of French Connection jeans last time I went in but didn't quite feel confident enough to stray too far from my skirt/dress addicted self, definitely need to check if they're in the sale next time I'm in town!

The old me would have never worn an outfit like I'm wearing in the above picture, I was stuck in my high waisted skirt, desert boot and leather jacket days. I feel the need to have a massive wardrobe clean out and fill it back up with lovely, new clothes! I don't feel like my style has changed exactly, just tweaked a little and I like it! Has anyone else changed/tweaked their style recently?


  1. I definitely noticed the introduction of jeans into your wardrobe Clare and can confirm you look blimmin' lovely in them! I love the "grown up" tweaks your style has had :) you always look so nice!

    Eve xxx

  2. I think it's a good thing, you have to change or you end up looking like you 20 year old self even though we're pushing late 20s, well me. My style is a lot more casual, much looser these days. A lot what I wear is kinda Americana inspired, more prints and patterns than ever actually but it a kind of grown up way. Hard to explain. You're looking really well Clare.

    Oh and the leather coasters, I'd love to make some yeah. Could do!


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