Bouton 925

I must confess, I'm not a jewellery person. I wish I was, I have plenty of beautiful jewellery but I always put it on and immediately feel overdressed, kind of like a little girl playing with her Mother's jewellery.

I still can't help but look at and lust after jewellery though and that's exactly what the Bouton lookbook made me do, pure unadulterated lust for diamonds and shiny things. The luxurious editorial images (pictured above) made me want to wear the jewellery even more, I wanted to pretend I was a 50's starlet swathed in diamonds. Sadly I'm currently sat here in my boyfriend's anorak, trying it out for size (it's massive) in preparation for Latitude festival in a couple of weeks, but who says a girl can't dream right?

Fall in lust with Bouton and check out their site here.


  1. I agree, they are beautiful! Great persuasion for women for sure :)


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