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I'm feeling more and more that I need to be a grown up, not one who worries about bills all the time and has baby vomit on my cardigan, just a more sophisticated version of myself. I'm not sure what it is, perhaps it's the idea of being 25 this year (argh!) or everyone around me growing up, but it can only be a good thing!

I'm starting where any good blogger would start, with accessories! My first purchase was this Fossil watch from Joshua James Jewellery,  it's a mixture of leather, silver and art deco touches with a skinny strap. I'm a little bit in love with it. Watches generally just annoy me, they irritate my wrist, take away the fun of guessing what the time is (and always being right, useless skill #47) and I always forget to put them on in the morning... But that is no more! The skinny strap means that it doesn't irritate my wrist and I am determined to remember to wear it every day.

I got in touch with the lovely people at Joshua James Jewellery and they have offered a cheeky 10% off everything on site (excluding Pandora) exclusively for you! The code is TWEET10 and it's valid until the 25th of July, enjoy! Click here to shop.

My next purchase is a pair of Hunter wellies to last me forever and a waterproof jacket for Latitude Festival, I usually rock up in a pair of wedges and a pastel pink skirt so this year I am determined to be prepared rain or shine!


  1. your eyes are gorgeous!


  2. ah fossil takes me back, my grandad used to bring me fossil watches and nike trainers back from america as gifts. love it! I feel pretty old Tweet, 28 this year...

  3. what a beauty! i've always liked the skinny watches. checking out the shop with discount code thanks!


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