Manchester: Byron Burger

All the way up North in Manchester, we're always the last to get the good stuff that by now is the norm in London. Byron has just opened in Manchester on Deansgate, and as a burger kinda gal, it seemed rude not to try it out.

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon chatting, wolfing down burgers and enjoying all the Byron delights with Hannah from Palindrome Poppet. I had a classic with added bacon (obv) and Hannah had a cheese burger with garlic mayo, we shared some fries and some (amazing) onion rings, we were so full by the end but in a very good way! The staff were so lovely too, friendly and chatty without being annoying which is a hard balance to get right.

I love the interior, it's all industrial with bare bulbs and exposed pipes, with the odd plastic buffalo hidden here and there. I'd happily sit in there for hours eating burgers, sipping milkshakes and soaking up the sun, if we ever get any up here...

Byron is on Deansgate and you can find more info on their site here, one has just opened in Liverpool too.

Hurry up and catch up Manchester, when are we getting a Leon or a Wahaca? Soon please!


  1. is it bad I now want another one?! the pictures look so cool :) xxx

  2. I've actually never heard of Byron burgers before, minus a random tweet off someone on appears I have been living under a rock...obviously! :p xx

  3. We're there, very soon. you bring good news

  4. Gorgeous photography Clare - and definitely can't wait to try this next time I'm in town! :)

    Eve xxxx


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