A Place of My Own

My room is finally starting to feel girly and all mine after spending a Sunday sprucing it up. Since me and the ex boy split up (we're still best friends and he's only moved into the room next door!) I've been a bit of a nomad and haven't really had a place of my very own.

After the perfect day with Next Home, I was inspired to invest some time into making myself a little haven and I'm really pleased with it so far! I used my cheeky Next vouchers to buy the big, white, floor lamp which I pretty much fell in love with as soon as I walked into Next! You can see the lamp online here, it doesn't look as nice as it does in real life though.

I also treated myself to a new duvet set and pillow from Homesense and added some white tulips, just because sometimes it's nice to buy yourself flowers! I also picked up a big picture in a frame in TK Maxx, took the image out and replaced it with eight photos I'd taken ages ago, they're massively over exposed films taken with a Rocket Sprocket Lomography camera. I love it a little bit!

What do you think of my new little room? Now I just need to finish off the rest of it, starting with the wardrobe... Wish me luck!


  1. Love this Clare, you've inspired me to pick myself up some flowers on my way home!

    Definitely think a wardrobe post should come next, you wear something different every day so I'd be intrigued to have a proper snoop in there!

    Eve xxx

  2. Good luck with the wardrobe! Love you're making the space your own. It's so important to have a place that feels like home. :)


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