Everyone around me seems to be jetting off on adventures, two of my friends are moving to Australia this year, two have just moved to Canada and one is settling down in New Zealand. I'm staying put in Manchester, a city which I love, but I'm in desperate need of a little escape from the nonsense and rubbish weather that it so often contains.

These images by photographer Julia Robbs are making me want to escape even more, I love the colours and sense serenity in these sets. I'm plotting a little trip to the beach this weekend with my Mum so that should keep my itchy feet at bay for at least a few days!


  1. And I'll be off to Orlando in about 4 weeks, woo. Great summery images

  2. Very nice pics, Im from Colombia and im planning to visit new york in a few months... those are inspiring images to keep on traveling

    Also you can visit my new blog if you want http://nudeverry.blogspot.com/

  3. These Photos are beautiful!
    I really can relate to your feeling of wanting to get away-- next time you feel like that you are always welcome to do it in our little country :) It's really sunny and warm hear- great weather for the beach! :P

  4. OH man these photos are so pretty. Cant wait to visit Europe soon!!!


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