Project Bikini

I'm one of those people who buy bikinis with such good intentions, with a plan to slim down, tone up and bare all on the beach. Unfortunately I usually buy said bikini, try it on when I get home, look at my squishy bits then have a little sob into some ice cream not before banishing the bikini to the bottom drawer.

But this time is different, the lovely people at Panache sent me this gorgeous Hattie bikini from the Cleo Swimwear range (pictured above, sadly sans the inflatable dinosaur accessories!) and I am determined to wear it with pride this Summer.

Unfortunately for me this means actually making an effort, I am the queen of sitting down, a veritable expert of not exercising and a massive advocate of pork pies, so this may not go to plan...

For the past couple of months I've made a start by changing a few things, like switching from sandwiches to salad for lunch and from brioche to bananas for breakfast. As well as joining a gym (with some encouragement from the Man) and attempting to cut down my wine intake, which was going really well until recently when I have failed spectacularly.

I've lost half a stone over the past couple of months and the aim is to lose another half a stone before the end of June (hopefully before or more!) by keeping to the below:
  • I'm aiming for a minimum of three gym visits a week...
  • Eat less and better - think fruit, salad, veggies, nuts, berries etc
  • Drink less alcohol (though the odd bottle of wine at the weekend is absolutely acceptable)
  • More opportunist exercise - going out for a walk at lunch, taking the stairs instead of the lift and so on...
They're not drastic changes and are generally very sensible/boring but hopefully they'll make a difference. Who knows, maybe one day I'll wear that bikini outside of my bedroom...

Let me know if you have any hints, tips or recipes for healthy weight loss, I'd love to hear them!

Wish me luck...


  1. That bikini looks gorgeous - congratulations on losing half a stone so far and good luck :) x

  2. Good luck with it! I hope it works out for you because that bikini is gorgeous!

  3. check out the app, MyNetDiary. Its a food app where it helps you track your calorie intake, exercise and fats ect.

  4. oh good luck with project bikini!if you lost half a stone in a few months, im sure you can lose the rest!
    that bikini is amazing, love the shape of the bralet x


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