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This week myself and a few other lovely bloggers were lucky enough to be treated to a day out by Next to celebrate their new Home and Garden store in Warrington.

If you're a blogger from 'up North', you're probably a little frustrated that the majority of brand events take place in old London town. So it was lovely when Next decided to come to us!

We spent the first part of the day in the new Next in Warrington being taken through each trend (you can find inspiration boards here) by the very lovely Jo. As we wandered round the huge, shiny new store we pretty much fell in love with everything from ceramic birds to giant lamps.

Recently I've become a little bit obsessed with lamps and lighting so my eye was instantly drawn to an oversized angle poised lamp called Kendal (it looks better in real life than online) but it was sadly out of stock so I used the vouchers that we were kindly given by Next to procure another lamp, two Great Gatsby style Champagne glasses and a slate cheeseboard complete with knife and chalk! I also cheekily reserved the lamp I wanted at The Trafford Centre Next so I can always get it at the weekend if I fancy, naughty!

The whole concept is so girl friendly too, there's how-to guides available on the website and handy checklists dotted around the store. Even the garden centre if full of beautifully coloured plants that match each other, from pretty flowers to fruit trees!

It was then time to be whisked off to Cottons Hotel and Spa in Knutsford to discuss the collections further, get to know each other and be thoroughly spoiled rotten! We started off with a scrummy afternoon tea where my detox went completely out of the window, never to be seen again!

We were all lucky enough to be booked in for a spa treatment or two so I opted for an oil and salt full body scrub and a neck, shoulder and back massage. The oil and salt scrub was actually amazing, my skin has never felt so silky smooth and the massage was just a little bit magic, I'm pretty sure the masseuse was some form of lady wizard.

After I'd had my treatments I had a couple of hours to relax in the spa before dinner so I decided to see how many lengths of the pool I could do, of course! But instead of my good intentions, I ended up spend hours flitting between hot tubs chatting to Jo from Next about life, boys and everything in between. It was so nice spending time relaxing and chatting when I would usually be sat at my desk stressing!

Not only that, I took the first step of Project Bikini and wore an actual real life bikini in the spa and actually felt quite confident and even got a few compliments which has never happened before!

After our fingers were well and truly pruney, it was time to get ready for dinner, a three course meal with possibly the nicest prosecco I've ever had (only the one mind, I was driving!). We spent the meal talking without coming up for air apart from to eat the amazing food. It was such a great group of women, some of them were so inspiring too, it was amazing to meet them all!

We were so utterly spoiled all day by the lovely girlies from Next, I felt like a very lucky girl. Thanks so much!

The new Warrington store is in Gemini Retail Park, I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're in this neck of the woods! There is a move coming up (not sure where to or who with exactly!) this year so I'm currently obsessed with anything mildly interior related so I'll no doubt be visiting Next Home again soon!


  1. Ooo lovely post hun, I'm a big fan of Next Homeware - such fabulous pieces in there. In fact I'll admit I'm quite addicted to the home section at the moment as I'm currently renovating my first home! Thanks for sharing lovely.

    Elizabeth x

  2. lovely! this place looks wonderful!

  3. we went into the Next home section a couple of weeks ago and I was pretty impressed I must say. Lots of little home accessories and they're all really cheap. I'd like to visit on of their actual home stores like this one though.

    Sounds like you got treated like royalty all day long

  4. Visited there a few months ago for a friend's new place and I LOVE their bath stuff x

  5. You lucky thing! I really love Next home stuff but most of the time I consider it a splurge. Also, I've got that blue lampshade but in brown - it's gorgeous.
    I might have to do a sneaky bit of online shopping on payday :) x

  6. Ahh this looks & sounds so much fun! I love Next home stuff but like Karen, I consider it a bit of a splurge too! You've really made me want to go shopping though :)

    Eve x


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