I refuse to accept the fact that the fleeting sunshine we had last week is over, I'm fully ready for summer and cannot wait for unadulterated sun. Since the very first bare leg day of the year I've been longing to get my pins out again, they enjoyed being free of tights!

So trying out my new treats seemed like the perfect excuse for pretending it's summer already! This monochrome print skater dress is just shouting to be taken on holiday but for the time being I'll be dressing it up with massive wedges and jackets. I can't find the dress on the site anymore but there are plenty of other dresses to choose from to brighten up your Summer wardrobe!

I absolutely love these shoes, they look a little bit mental but they're actually really comfy and light. Pretty sure they're going to become a staple this summer. I can't wait until we can start dressing like it's not going to rain any second, it will happen one day right?

Thanks to my lovely Nan for taking these photos! I had to take a cheeky one of us together too, isn't she a delight?


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