Perspex Sun

Ever since the first sign of sunshine this year, I've been thinking about my next pair of sunglasses. It's only fair to have a new pair every summer right?

I had fallen in love with some lovely tortoiseshell Calvin Klein ones in TK Maxx earlier in the year but didn't buy them as I'm a fool so have been trying to find a replacement pair ever since. I ummed and erred over baby pink wire frames, black wayfarers and eventually settled on these bad boys. They're clear perspex frames with slightly mirrored, black lenses. They're not my usual thing but I really like the shape and slight oddness to them. Plus, if they're clear then they surely go with everything! They're from good old TK Maxx too, I would have taken a photo of me wearing them but I currently look like some form of troll woman so I'll spare you that.

Not content with one new pair, I spent a fair portion of these evening looking for more sun shielding beauties on Smart Buy Glasses they stock brands from Coach and Carrera to Persol and Ray Ban, so there's plenty to keep me entertained. I picked out my favourite frames from the site, I must resist their charms.

1. Sexy Ray Ban Club Masters
2. Fugly but lovely Miu Miu
3. Ray Ban Erika
4. Retro Calvin Klein bad boys

Have you got your sunnies ready for Summer?


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