Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lazy Sunday Treat

After a productive Sunday morning (gym, big shop, cleaning, general grown up things...) I decided to treat myself to a lazy Sunday evening of lazing in the bath and finally getting round to reading magazines that have been in a pile on my bedside table for far too long.

One that I'd never read before and was thoroughly worth taking the time to dip into was Aesthetica. With the sub title 'the art and culture magazine' I was expecting for it to be right up my street and I wasn't disappointed.

This issue (no 52) was full of beautiful photography, snapshots into different parts of the World, inspiring art, music reviews, exhibition reviews and more. One of my favourite pieces in the magazine was 'Installing Objects' all about the work of Rune Guneriussen. He creates a fusion of installation, sculpture and photography with everyday objects in surreal settings. My favourite was the river of books entitled 'It's Common Knowledge' that I've featured above. You can see more of his work on his site here!

You can get your own copy of Aesthetica here or just have a gander on their website. They also have a great blog if you can't wait for the next issue, you can read it here!

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