Wishing For Spring

Seriously, what is going on with the weather? One minute we have sunshine, the next we have ridiculous amounts of snow. I just want Spring to arrive, I long to wear pastel, summery dresses without the need for tights and a cardigan...

Rubbish weather or not, I can still dream about what to wear in Spring in the comfort (and warmth!) of my flat. I couldn't help but dress up all Springy when my new Brit-Stitch Milkman bag arrived, just how cute is it?

I was thinking about contrasting it with a bright pink skirt but couldn't resist matching it with this polka dot mint dress from Fashion Union, I refuse to stop wearing it even though it's Baltic outside!

You can see more from Brit-Stitch here on The Hut or there's plenty more stockists on their temporary site!


  1. wow -- such a cute dres! perfect for Easter! i wish the weather would get warmer too. i can't stand the cold any longer!

  2. Pretty dress, pretty bag! They look lovely together, and I think your idea of clashing it with a pink skirt would look great too!

    Emily Wears Things

  3. I've loved the Brit Stitch bags ever since you first wrote about them and have been agonising over what colour to get ... now they've done them in two colours and they look amazing! And so pretty with your polka dot dress too.


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