Tweet Meets Beara Beara

(I'm wearing a dress from Zara, shoes from Urban Outfitters and the Mono bag from Beara Beara)

When Jake from Beara Beara got in touch I instantly fell in love with their gorgeous, handcrafted leather satchels and handbags. Seriously, just how perfect are they?

The bags are a collaborative effort between Jake Bullough the founder of Beara Beara and Bolivian craftsmen. The original idea was developed when Jake was living in Bolivia and spotted the unique craftsmanship and quality bags in a tiny shop in the back streets in La Paz.

They very kindly sent me a bag to try out and it instantly became my favourite bag as soon as I opened up the box . I opted for the super cute Mono handbag, it's made from robust natural leather so it's amazingly sturdy and has a very vintage feel! It's got a big compartment and a smaller one in the front so it's perfect for carrying all of my silly things. It's such good quality and the design is timeless, I have a feeling it will last me a very long time!

Founder and wannabe rally driver Jake also let me ask him a few questions about the brand, designers and a few extras...

Tell me a little bit about Beara Beara...

Well Beara Beara began out of an opportunity to improve people’s livelihoods. I have
never been the biggest advocate of volunteer work so have always looked for ways
to do something positive in my own way. This simple gesture of helping families
improve a product then manifested itself into me creating a brand, Beara Beara.

We like to believe we are inspired by classic designs, the vibrancy of life and
individualism. We are proud of our ethical background but we know our main
strengths lie in quality and design. A great deal of passion and dedication go
into creating each and every one of our bags as we pride ourselves on our
uncompromising approach to quality and attention to detail.

By using robust natural leather we create classic satchels and handbags with clean
iconic looks that will actually become more beautiful over time. By setting super soft
natural suede with brilliant bright colours within an extremely strong frame, we have
designed a range of backpacks that are not only unique but that will last for many

We hope to provide an antidote to the throwaway market of the high-street and aim
to help create a sense of fun, style, individuality and belonging in people’s lives.

Who is the Beara Beara girl in your eyes?

One of our main strengths is that we are very flexible as a brand. We do not
have a rigid style, simply changing various aspects of shape every season. We
see ourselves as having four styles within one brand thus appealing to a broad

To narrow it down however the average Beara Beara girl has several important

She cares little for high-end branding. She prefers to express herself through her
own personalised style and not conform to the ‘Must haves’ of fashion and trends.
This is the reason we continuously change our designs and colours, to keep life
interesting and each bag unique and a limited edition.

She is worldly. She has aspiration to travel, intrigued by the multi-cultural world
around her. Not focusing on divisions in society but the healthy mix of inspiration
and ideas that confront her on a daily basis.

She recognises quality and holds it in higher regard than the average high-street
shopper who seem content to consume an endless supply of cheap, temporary

And lastly she is caring. She cares about her friends and family and even though
she herself does not have a huge surplus of money she is glad to see her money
going to do a little good in the world instead of making rich corporations even

If you could work with any designer on a collaboration, who would it be?

To be honest I don’t know any designers. I never studied design and don’t pay
much attention to what goes on in trends. But I do like playing with shapes and
lines and forms. Maybe someone will introduce me to a ‘real’ designer some day.

What's next for Beara Beara?

For the past 6 months our main focus has been on production. Expanding our
workshops and training new staff, bringing the levels up to a degree where we
can now begin to sell internationally. We have begun selling the brand in Taiwan
and Shanghai and we are now ready to let go of the reigns and begin to fulfil that

We are working hard on new designs, improving aspects of existing designs and
simply enjoying the ride.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A rally car driver. I still want to be a rally car driver when I grow up.

Visit the website and fall in love with Beara Beara here.


  1. Oh gosh your hair really is perfect.. your long hair was lush and beautiful but THIS is YOUR hair cut. Bag's nice too!

  2. That bag is GORGEOUS! Need. Also, nice outfit post spot. Monks Lane?

    Eve xxx

  3. Brrrrr aren't you cold Clare, you're made of much stronger stuff than me that's for sure. I love everything about this outfit - your dress is super flattering and that bag is really pretty!

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  5. everything about this outfit is perfect :)

  6. I love the bag !
    Your blog is lovely !

  7. We absolutely love that satchel! its the perfect size!

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  10. This is a darling ensemble! I love your hair! You look fabulous with a pixie cut! I am glad I found your blog and am your newest follower with GFC! I'd love if you'd check out : the daily savant : and follow along if you like. I have a giveaway on now, as well!

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