This is New England

For people that know me quite well, this will be a very rare sight. Not only am I wearing jeans, I'm also not wearing heels, shock horror!

Keds challenged me to style up a pair of their Spring Champions and, as I was thinking forward to Summer, I went for the cherry pink as a little bit of a challenge. They are a little bit different to my usual black desert boot wedges!

I decided to go for a preppy/This is England look to go with my new do, I teamed the cherry pink Keds with a bright red shirt from Topshop buttoned up to the top and high waisted jeans from H&M both from a million years ago. I felt suprisingly comfortable in this outfit seeing as it's not my usual look.

The Keds are probably the comfiest shoes I've ever worn and have fast become a daily essential for driving to work and nipping into Sainsbury's, they're longing to be taken to the beach though so hurry up Summer! I'm definitely a Keds convert!

You can see more of their styles here and if you're a Taylor Swift fan, you can see her collection here!


  1. let me tell you tweet, these jeans suit you very much.

    i've always considered keds but they don't sell them many places. interesting

  2. what a cute look!

  3. your blog is really good)loves it)

    would you like to follow each other?)

    xoxo Christy


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