One Collar, Five Ways to Wear

I have a slight obsession with collars at the moment and can't seem to stop wearing tops and dresses with cute little collars, so I thought it was about time to mix them up and show off different ways of spicing up your collar.

Bling it On

Cheesy title I know, but apt. Get yourself a chunky gold necklace and wear it under the collar so a bit of the shiny loveliness is peeking out. The necklace I'm wearing is from a vintage shop for next to nothing ages ago!

Cherry Red

This is a bit of a fun one, I fancied adding a bit of colour to my collar so popped on some red clip on earrings!

Plain Sailing

Plain and simple, because sometimes you need a little bit of normal.

Nautical but Nice

Add a super cute necklace (I've opted for this Tatty Devine anchor number) that is just short enough to fit around the collar so it just shows off the main part of the necklace. It also goes very nicely with my stripey dress!


This lion head collar pin actually comes with the dress but they're on safety pins so you can take them off or move them around whenever you like! I love it when clothes have different personalities.

What I wore: Stripey collared dress c/o Fashion Union and my anchor necklace is from Tatty Devine. The other bits are from vintage shops.


  1. Wow! I loved the tips!
    They were all beautiful on you.



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