Heart Shaped Treats

Little heart shaped treats are perfect for Valentine's Day, or even if you're not bothered about V-Day these treats are super cute! I've chosen a few things that I like that would make cute gifts for a loved one or for yourself! (maybe not the card...)

1. Tala heart shaped cookie cutters - so cute!
2. 'I love you more than breakfast' card, this would mean a lot coming from me, I bloody love breakfast.
3. Love, love, love necklace from Grand Bazaar.
4. Je t'aime tote bag from Alphabet Bags.

And to make sure you're feeling amazing or want to be a bit naughty (and you're based in Manchester!) you can head down to House of Fraser on Friday and book an appointment with the lovely girls at Mint Velvet for their personal styling workshops to help you find the perfect Valentine's Day dress, plus Chantelle Lingerie will be available for a free fitting to find your perfect underwear in the perfect size to go with your perfect dress! Just give them a call on 0844 800 3744to book your appointment or find out more info here!


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