Counting Sheep

Back in the deep, dark depths of 2012 I was having trouble sleeping and I resigned myself to the fact that I was turning into my Mother, who tends to sleep for around four minutes a night if she's lucky.

So when the lovely people at Silentnight got in touch to ask me to be part of their sleep survey to match me with a product to help improve my sleep pattern, I said yes please!

They sent me a lovely little pot of Sleep Balm by This Works to try out and as the name suggests, it really works! I've been applying it to my wrists every night (when I remember at least!) and my sleep has never been better.

The balm is a lovely blend of lavender, monoi and coconut oil full of aromatherapy delights.

Visit the This Works site for plenty of gorgeous, natural products!


  1. I definitely need to get me a pot of this.
    When i was a kid my mother always used aromatherapy to help me sleep but alas now i'm all grown my sleep pattern is awful!

    I use an app called Sleep Cycle to monitor how well i sleep, if you're interested in your sleeping pattern i'd definitely reccomend it!


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