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I love accessories, I work with them every day and have far too many handbags than I'd like to admit. So when a new brand launches and the bags are as close to perfectly cute as you could hope for, it's time to find out more about that brand!

Brit-Stitch is a brand new accessories brand with a great story behind the heritage, it's young and fun but timeless and mature all at the same time.

I chatted to Morgan the Director and the lovely Gretch who is the Business Development Manager to find out a little more...

Tell us a little bit about Brit Stitch... 
Brit-Stitch is truly British manufacturing, based in the UK with heritage dating back to 1967.

What was the inspiration behind the brand?

A passion for quality leather bags, manufactured in the UK by a UK workforce. A progressive company with an eye on the past but reworking it for the future with quality leather and fittings combined with the latest colours. We believe in a bag for every occasion hence the range. There's something for everybody!

 The original 'milk man' bag owned by Morgan's Grandfather

How would you describe the Brit-Stitch girl?
The Brit-Stitch girl is fun loving who likes a versatile bag that can be used for day or evening, work or pleasure. This is where the half pint comes in – remove the straps and use it as an evening clutch bag!

The rest of the range provides bag solutions for all ages and situations with the Media and Lap Top looking more towards the unisex market. In time we are looking at a range for the Brit-Stitch boy too.

What makes your brand unique?
Apart from the quality leather and fittings we have designed the bags from the ground up. A great deal of thought and testing has gone into the range and as a result the attention to detail is very high with interior phone pouches, interior key clasps, detachable straps and magnetic fasteners for easy access.
The branding on the bags adds to the uniqueness and gives an added layer of quality.

Tell me about the manufacturing process...
Brit-Stitch is founded on 46 years of experience in the manufacture of quality leather products made in the traditional way. Our forward thinking approach however allows us to embrace new technologies and processes (3D printing, automatic cutting and sewing)

If you could collaborate with any designer in the World, who would it be?

Holly Fulton or Henry Holland.

What does the future hold for Brit-Stitch?
Excitement, longevity, passion and drive to continually move forward with new designs, colours and ideas.

For more information and to see the full collection, visit (the Brit-Stitch website isn't ready yet!)


  1. Oooh the candy coloured ones are looooovely.. I scream for ice cream!!!

  2. I adore the pastel ones! They make me want one in every colour!


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