Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hilda Maha

So Christmas and New Year are done with now, it surely must be time to start looking forward to Summer now, no? Well I am anyway!

Hilda Maha is another amazing talent to come out of Central St Martins (has anyone rubbish come out of there really?) and has been producing collections since S/S 2010, now for S/S 2013 she's gone super digital and kaleidoscopic with this collection. Not only does she design the clothes, she also designs the prints, impressed?

I can imagine Susie Bubble sporting some of these prints already. My favourite is the pussy bow shirt, I love the galactic print.

I also really love her A/W 2012 collection which you can see here, it's beautiful! Have a look at her site here.


  1. What a gorgeous collection! Love the purple & prints :)
    Rachelle x


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