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I've been sporting the ombre look for a couple of months now and I still love it, it's faded a little now but seems to have blended in quite nicely to make it look a little less 'I dipped my hair bleach, aren't I awesome??' and a little more 'faded in the sun', which I quite like.

But, as is my want, I get bored extremely easily so am now considering other options like shaving it all off again or making it really bright colours.

So when Schwarzkopf got in touch to show off their new tutorials, I was instantly drawn to the dip dye DIY. I've been thinking about colouring the ends temporarily, but was toying with pastel shades until I saw the bright pink of the XXL Colour and now I'm leaning toward the super bright...

Watch the video below for top tips on how to get your dip DIY perfect!

Would you ever dip dye your hair?

This post was sponsored by Schwarzkopf.


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