Sunday, 24 June 2012

Helen Bullock A/W 12 and my 500th post!

I've been a fan of Helen Bullock's work since we used some of her graduate collection in a shoot for Fashion156 a few years ago, since then I've bumped into her at Latitude festival after spotting her distinct designs from afar, pored over her lookbooks every season and fallen in love with her personality filled sketches.

Her A/W 12 collection has just landed along with her lookbook and, as always, they do not disappoint. Her design skills have obviously developed and this collection is by far the most cohesive and, dare I say it, mature that I have seen from her. The colour palette is perfect for this A/W with jewel tones and burgandys with splashes of brights and pastels to keep her flair alive. Her signature style of broad and bright brushstrokes run throughout her collection, giving it a sense of fun and imagination!

To find out more about Helen Bullock, visit her website and check out her previous collections.

p.s. Can you believe this is my 500th post?? I know I've been a bit slow on the blog front recently (blame work and trying to be a grown up...) but I think it's time I bucked my ideas up and got back to my blogging! Thanks so much to all of you who have stuck with me!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

With silver bells and cockle shells...

This is not my usual kind of post but (if you follow me on twitter you may know) that I've recently started cultivating a little garden in our flat! Today marks the very first harvest of my basil plants, of which I have approximately a million.

The little green leaves looked so lovely after I picked them and put them out to dry, I thought I'd show them off a bit. I'm also growing sunflowers in a competition with people at work, mine are already at a whopping 13cm, yeah, you should be scared!

Is anyone else turning into a granny prematurely? Please tell me it's not just me...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

This Summer is a Three Floor Summer

It's the first day back at work for many after a little holiday courtesy of Queenie, but alas I'm stuck in bed with food poisoning instead working from home and drinking gallons of water.

I decided to soothe myself by having a little look at the new(ish) Three Floor look book that I hadn't had a chance to perv on as of yet.

I've already decided I'm going to wear a Three Floor dress to my Dad's weding in August, I just need to some help deciding which one of the brightly coloured, pleated beauties it will be...

For more info and to have a peek at the look book, visit the Three Floor site here.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Last weekend we had a little sunbathing session and I foolishly took off my little, silver, heart ring that my Mum gave me 10 years ago to put sun cream on and left it on my bag while I ran off to get ice lollies. I only realised I wasn't wearing it when I got home, I was the saddest girl alive and dragged the boy back to the park to have a look for it...

Sadly we never found my ring which meant a shopping trip to find a replacement. Not content with any old ring, I decided to drag the boy to Manchester Craft and Design Centre to have a look at all the handmade independent jewellery boutiques. We went to pretty much all of the little shops in the centre trying to find a replacement simple silver ring, but a lot of the shops were a bit too crafty for my liking... We found a shop on the top floor called Divinity which had plenty of perfectly simple jewellery, designed by Deborah Zeldin O'Neill. I picked out one of her lunar stackable rings, it was the perfect fit and the imperfections make it all the more perfect. I don't know if I'll be wearing it for the next 10 years, but it's a good start!

If any of you happen to find yourself in Manchester, I'd fully recommend a visit to the Craft and Design centre in the Northern Quarter, it's full of cute, handmade pieces and a lovely cafe!

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend!
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