Monday, 30 January 2012

How to: California Waves

After I posted the california waves video the other day, the lovely Jilly from John Frieda got in touch and sent me some products to try out! I've done a little how to post following the video instructions and testing out the products...

1. Secret Agent Perfecting Creme
2. Dream Curls Styling Spray
3. Volume Refresher

1. Towel dry and rough up your hair using the Dream Curls Styling Spray
2. Roughly blow dry your hair upside down - make sure your parting behaves, mine went a bit wonky...
3. The video says to separate into sections and curl but my hair is naturally wavy so I didn't bother!
4. Rub Secret Agent Creme through the ends of your hair to smooth it down and get rid of the frizz
5. I smoothed the rest of my hair and tidied it up with straighteners but that's up to you!
6. Boost and set the style with hair spray and Volume Refresher to get lovely California Waves!

What do you think of the wavy hair? I like the effect of the John Frieda products, it's quite a lot of effort to do the above every day but I'll definitely be introducing the products into my daily routine, my hair feels voluminous, manageable and the style held all day, all good in my book!

Do you have any top tips for mid length hair? I need some inspiration!

Friday, 27 January 2012

A Little Bit Kinky

Now that my hair is at a relatively normal length instead of the Jarhead look I used to sport, I've started to treat it a little better and get more experimental with it. Since New Year I've been wearing it natural (kinky, wavy and curly) more than usual instead of straightening it to death every day, I quite like it but a guy at work said that I looked like Michael Jackson so maybe it's not a good look...

I've been experimenting with different products and so far my favourite has to be Morroccan Oil, it's amazing but so expensive...

So it's time to find some more affordable alternatives! John Frieda have uploaded a range of different videos onto their Youtube channel showing you how to get saloon styles at home using their products, the videos may be a little cheesy but the end results are pretty spot on!

I'm going to have to get my hands on some of them and give them a go, results to follow! Think I'll try the California Waves style to try and make myself a little less Jackson 5...

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday is a a gorgeous little film by creative audiovisual wonders Watergun in collaboration with Jacky Tsai, the artist behind Alexander McQueen's classic skull print.

It follows a rather lovely girl with hair I will never have but always want wearing dresses by Jacky Tsai and being a little bit stalked by an impossibly good looking but no doubt mysterious boy. The dresses featured are perfectly simple with a splash of dye, and the tee sported by the lovely boy is also part of the more casual collection.

You can see more of the dress and tee collection here and watch the video above.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bracher Emden

Now, I love a handbag, it would be a bit weird if I didn't seeing as I work for a website that sells only handbags... But I especially love handbags that are a little bit amazing. Bracher Emden's collaboration with Jean-Pierre Braganza, one of my favourite designers, couldn't be described as anything but amazing.

Give me architectural shapes, supple leather and metal and you'll have my attention. Have a look at the full collection on the catwalk here.

Which is your favourite?

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Emu A/W 12

Now, I'm not really a sheepskin boot kind of girl but I've always been impressed by brands like Emu and Ugg's non-sheepskin boots collection, Ugg have gorgeous clogs and leather boots whereas Emu has the most amazing accessories.

I was invited to the Emu Australia press preview in Manchester on Thursday (they win instant brownie points by having an event up North!) where we spent the evening stroking sheepskin, wishing the kid's shoes were in our size and lounging around in the suite where it took place.
 The clothing line was a little bit too mature for my taste, I like my leather jackets a little bit on the Grease side rather than yummy mummy, but the quality of them was amazing! My friend Jana and I were a little bit obsessed with the trapper hats, kid's shark boots and the amazing sheep cupcakes by Hey Little Cupcake, how cute are they?? I also love all of their heritage imagery in their lookbooks, the pictures of ancient sheep and emus running around.

To see more of Emu, have a gander here.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Company Style Blogger Awards

The Company Style Blogger Awards 2012 have just been announced and I'm up for three of them! Yay! 

There are some amazing blogs in there so I highly doubt I'll get close to winning anything but it would be lovely if you could give me a little vote!

Click here to vote, I'm in the categories for Best 'What I'm Wearing Today', Best Fashion Insider and Overall Winner... Plus, if you vote you automatically get added into a draw to win £250 of New Look vouchers! 

Congratulations to everyone else who is nominated!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I've been a little bit in love with Fifi Lapin for several years now, I just want to be that little fashion bunny so darned much. So when Iconemesis got in touch and asked if I fancied reviewing a Fifi Lapin iPhone case, I of course said yes.

I wasn't sure which design I was going to receive but when the Fifi, Sonny and Stella case ended up in my post box, I was more than pleased. Even though it's made for an iPhone 4 rather than a 4S like mine is, you can hardly tell, just the silent switch doesn't quite fit in the hole in the case is all! Having white sides on my phone is taking a little getting used to (boo hiss at white iPhones!) but I'm sure I'll come round to them. I took the photo with my phone so it's a bit grainy but in keeping with the post!

The Fifi Lapin cases are available from Iconemesis for £24.99, have a look at all the different styles here.
Iconemesis also collaborate with lots of other UK artists including Gemma Correll, Pete Harrison and Serge Seidlitz all definitely worth checking out!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

RIP Eve Arnold

One of my very favourite photographers Eve Arnold, passed away this week at the grand old age of 99. I've picked out my favourite images as a mini tribute to her.

She has taken some of the most beautiful photos of Marilyn Monroe, amazing images of 1950's Harlem and intimate behind the scenes images. She is an inspiration to women photographers, fighting adversity and sexism throughout her career.

My thoughts are with her family.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Three Floor

Three Floor is officially my new favourite online shop, when I was busy swooning over everything and not really paying attention to the important boring details like prices, I thought it would be one of those shops that were entirely out of my price range but I took a deep breath and looked closer, lo and behold they're only Topshop (sometimes Topshop Boutique...) prices!

I've picked out a few of my favourite pieces that may very well make it into my wardrobe after payday...

Visit Three Floor by clicking here. What's your favourite piece? How awesome is the headpiece?? I can't find it anywhere on site though!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Shh... It's a secret

I loved Ellie from Pretty Much Penniless' Blogger Secret Santa so thought I'd get involved, in November Ellie assigned everyone with their very own blogger to be Secret Santa for. I received my parcel a couple of weeks ago but only found out who it was from today so I thought I'd do a little post to say thank you.

I was sent a gorgeous paisley print silk scarf and a little jewelled beetle brooch from Gem from Fat Frocks, thanks Gem, I love them both!

Did you do a Secret Santa this Christmas?

Welcome to the New Year

(Images by Nykoh)

Happy New Year! I cannot believe it's 2012... I barely even registered 2011 but now it's over I can see that it was probably one of the most important years of my life, I graduated, got my first proper job, moved in with the boy, went to Hong Kong to compete in a global competition, featured in Vogue online and cooked my very first turkey.

I can't even imagine what kind of adventures are awaiting me in 2012...

How was your 2011? What are you most looking forward to in 2012? My plan is to get fit, win the lottery and go on an adventure.
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