If I was a rich girl...

Every now and then I wander into a little fantasy world of my own and pretend I have all the money in the World to spend on lovely things for my selfish self.

Tonight was one of those nights when I needed a little pick me up of super cute jewellery and velvety treats.

1. If I had a spare £830 to spend on handbags, this Pauric Sweeney Madame bag would be in my top five, it's practically perfect in every way. If it had a long strap as well as the short ones, I would start saving up now. Check out the other Pauric Sweeney bags, they are all just a bit too lovely.

2. Waist belts are one of my things, I wear them on an almost daily basis but I need to collect more. This Lizzy Disney one would fit right in with my wardrobe.

3. I love these Bordeaux Velvet Gatsby Loafers, I want them, I need them...

4. Cute and simple jewellery is all I do, I'm not one for fussy, extravagant things. This Sarah Chloe love necklace would fit in beautifully with my gold bee and sausage dog necklaces.

*A little bit of this post was sponsored but all opinions are my own*


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