With the persistent rain, long ol' days at work and the rubbishness that is being stuck in football traffic, I've been daydreaming about running far, far away.

This series of photographs by Miki 357 is making me want to go all bright lights, big city in New York. I love that the images are of the everyday, an insider's view of the Big Apple without the noise, colour and distraction. Who wants to run away with me?

Have a look at Miki's other work on his website, anything that starts with a Venn diagram makes me happy, especially if it's in pastel colours!


  1. i feel the same at the moment, feel like crap and stuck. i need out. these are neat, i need change

  2. I sometimes forget how much I love black and white. I will be heading over to his website.

  3. Stunning photos!! Makes me want to go to New York too :)


  4. Love the photographs, such a unique take on the big city!



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